Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Template Time!

How is everyone? It is simply crazy around here! We have a TOOTH! It has broken through, and E is finally calming down some. She is simply a child that has super highs and deep lows! I guess when you go out of your way to make someone's birth pretty unique, it is no wonder when they break all the molds from the start! (E was born at home - in the US, less than 1% of births are at home, on top of that, she was born after 42 weeks, which is pretty much unheard of!)

It seems like right now I am simply putting out whichever "fire" is the biggest and needs the most attention. Dishes-Laundry-packing-Kyla-Erin-cleaning out the get the idea. We are working as hard as we can to get the house on the market before Jon goes back to school in the next 2 weeks. It seemed like a fairly easy thing 4 months ago when we decided to put it up for sale, but it is amazing how much there is to do, as we want to sell it for what our house is worth.

As for the garden, there is good news and bad news. Some things have done pretty well, and others have failed miserably! My tomatoes, cantelope, and pumpkins have been total failures. Our soil just is not good enough to sustain them. The squash, zuch, and peppers are about mediocre, and my cukes and beans have done really well. My herbs did a pretty good job, with the stevia growing the best. We think our soil is just not that great, and will work more on it next year. All in all, I have learned a TON. This was supposed to be my learning year, so it was well worth it. The funniest part, my mom has never wanted to garden, but I took her to Lowe's with me enough she was inspired to do her own. Her's has done fantastic, and put mine to shame!!

Well, here are some templates for you!

Template 70:


Template 71:


Template 72:


This Download Has Expired!

I have had some ask about templates that are not available, there will be as soon as I get them into sets. I am working on them, but see the rest of the post up there! ^

See you soon!