Sunday, June 28, 2009

I "love" teething.

It took 4 hours to get E in bed tonight. I'll be back with more templates tomorrow!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What not to do when you have a baby.....

Make chili. I made chili tonight from scratch, which included cutting up several peppers and all. I made dinner, washed my hands several times, and then we ate. After dinner, we were all sitting on the sofa having movie night, and Erin was sitting on my lap. She is teething so I gave her my fingers to chew on. Big Mistake. The oils from the peppers had not washed off all the way, and her poor little mouth was all spiced up! Other than milk, she has only had juice and grapes at this point, so the poor baby had no clue what was going on. She looked at me with her face all scrunched up, and with red eyes and tears rolling down her face. I felt like the worst mommy in the world!!!!

Here is today's template:


This download has Expired!

This and all the others will be up until it reaches the 100 mark.

See you tomorrow!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Time for Tea!

We had the nicest day today! One of Kyla's little playgroup friends had a tea party for all the little girls in the group today. It was so sweet! They all dressed up(even most of the mommies too!), and each had their own teacup. We each had real napkins and everything! After tea, we were able to spend some time playing and catching up with each other. Since E's birth, we have dropped out of group in the mornings, just b/c it is too much right now.

I also spent some (more) time in the garden this afternoon. I ate my first cucumber!!! It was soooooooooo yummy!! Next year, I think I am going to plant at least double the cuke plants I did this year. My lunch each day will be to walk outside and pick a cuke for a salad. I also went ahead and pulled up our lettuce and sugar peas. They were both about done, and the lettuce just did not do well. I think I planted it too late. The same went for the peas. I got about a cup of peas for the patch I planted. I will never take the supermarket for granted again, as it took me an hour to shell the peas!! I pruned my stevia and basil plants, so those leaves are in the oven drying..... I can truly now say that I loove gardening!

Here's the template for today:

Template 64:

This Download has Expired!

That's all for today! I promise I will get caught up on the ones I missed earlier, but it may not be until saturday. I usually spend a couple hours with Jon home on the weekends to make sure I am ready blogwise for the week. This whole power thing really messed me up!!

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Template Time!

Here's today's template. I wanted to have a couple more to help catch up from this weekend, but between running errands and a teething baby, pc time was not happening much today.

Template 63:


This Download has Expired!

Remember, yesterday's is still up for DL until Fri!

See you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here ya go! may not Technically still be Tuesday where I am, but I haven't gone to bed yet, so it still counts for me! It has been a crazy couple of days here! Apparently when the power company repaired the tree fall, they did not connect something correctly, so the power was blinking on and off, and it took them a while to figure it out. I could not use the pc, as I was not about to spend time working on something to have it erased, and damage my "outlet to the world". I am saving for a laptop(and biding my time for Windows 7), so hopefully soon things like this won't be a big deal at all!

In other news, I want to kiss the feet of the higher-ups at Earth Balance! They have come out with a new "butter spread" that is dairy and soy free! It has been impossible to find a butter substitute, as they all have some dairy or soy in them, until now! I was able to make chocolate chip cookies for the first time in 6 months! I actually had tears in my eyes as I ate them! The spread comes really close to the true taste of butter, and worked really well. The only downside I have noticed is that it liquifies pretty quickly as it warms, which really doesn't matter when I can make COOKIES!! Can anyone tell I am excited about this??(If you can't, consider this: I had to special order it by the case from a natural foods store b/c noone is carrying it yet. I have 11 tubs of it in the fridge!)

Now, on to the templates that I know you are here for!

Template 60:

Template 61:

Template 62:

This Download has Expired!

I am going to leave these up until Friday, and will leave Wednesday and Thursday's up until then as well. When I post Friday's, I will go back to the 100 Download deal. We only have until next Saturday for the rest of the Template Bonanza!! Be ready to snag the Template album I post that day!!

Go ahead and send me your template color schemes until Thursday. I will get the poll up sometime around then!

I'll see you tomorrow...or later today, depending on where you are!

PS: A special Congratulations! to my mommy friend and fellow scrapper! She and her family were matched today with their new baby girl in Ethiopia!!! Many prayers for a quick, safe, and happy meeting for them!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'll be back!

We finally have the power issue resolved, so I will be back sometime on Tuesday with some templates for y'all! See you tomorrow!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

If it's not one thing...

it's another! A tree fell on the power line to our neighborhood last night. The power has been blinking on and off all night/day. The power company is working figuring out why it won't stay on, and as soon as they call back I can get on to work on the templates and get them posted. See ya soon!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Template 59

Hi everyone! Here is today's template:

Template 59:


This Download Has Expired!

Hubby needs the PC, so I will see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled Template Bonanza! With this post, we return to the 100 Download limit, so grab it while you can! I will try my best to post on Twitter when I post a new temp, so you can follow me there(thepaperiris).

Here's today's template:

Template 58:

This Download Has Expired!

I also am on the look out for a new color scheme! If you have one you love, email it to me at thepaperiris*at*gmail*dot*com. I will post the three I like the best, and you all will be able to vote! The winner of the vote gets an album set!! You can submit entries until Sunday, then voting will start on Monday...

See you tomorrow!

Little Bunny Foo Foo...

.....You messed with the wrong gardener, so now I'm out to get you.....

A rabbit got into the yard today, and ate almost all of my purple bean plants!!! I had just planted them last week, and they were looking so healthy. I am going to have to get some mesh to line the fence with now. Sigh. It is amazing how much work goes into growing food! I will never again take the food in the store for granted again!

Here are today's templates:

Template 56:


Template 57:


This Download Has Expired!

See you tomorrow!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Templates 52 thru 55!

HI Everyone!

I am almost caught up with this post! Tomorrow, I will have two templates for you, then Wednesday, we will return to the one template a day routine.

I have good news. I spoke to my dad today, and they were releasing Granny from the hospital! I hope to get back to see her in the next couple days. We were going to go today, but with her being released, it didn't work out time wise.

In other news, there was a stinky reason for no post last night. My garden tried to take me out while I was working in one of the flower beds yesterday afternoon! We had tilled the soil, then laid out landscape fabric to get rid of weeds and all. My hubby also has a bunch of stone and stuff lining the bed b/c he is working on a walking path. I was standing in the bed, and when I went to turn to step over all the stone, my feet got tangled and I fell on top of the stone. OUCH!!! I have a welt about the size of a baseball on my hip, and the rest of me is bruised and sore. I am very thankful, however, as I fell on the one part of the yard that was just stone. I had tools(shovels, rake, hoe, scissors, etc) scattered all over the place, and could have been really hurt. As it is, I am moving like I am 90, and Kyla asked me today if I was hurt REALLLY bad when I tried to get off the sofa. Fun stuff to add to a fun week.....

All of this gardening is starting to pay off! I now have baby cukes, peppers, tomatoes, squash, and green beans growing and some of my other beans and vines are flowering!! It is sooooooo exciting to see the actual fruits of my labor! I made Jon leave his tv show yesterday afternoon to come outside and see all my little things!

In other news, I am taking the kids tomorrow to paint pottery! My best bud is off for the summer(she's a teacher), so we get to hang out with her and her boys. We have 4 kids between us, one born each year for the past 4 years. I told her this was her year for another, but she seems to be holding out on me, which is probably a good thing, as I will not be ready for another next year!!!

So, enough about me! Here are the templates you came for! Once again, they are all in one DL. I will have them up until I post tomorrow:

Template 52:

Template 53:

Template 54:

Template 55:

This download has expired! Look for these templates in the store soon!

See ya tomorrow!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I finally have some templates for you!! I have put three in this download, and will try to catch up tomorrow with some more. I will leave these up until I get more put up.

Template 49:

Template 50:

Template 51:

This Download Has Expired. Look for the temps in the store soon!

See you tomorrow!


Hi everyone! It has been a really LOOOOOOONG week here, but the good news is Granny is finally responding to treatment and is starting to respond to the family. Thank you so much for the well wishes and your patience this week. I should have a couple templates for you tomorrow, so be on the look out. See ya then!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

!!!!!!!! Mosquitos!

I went out in the garden this afternoon, and the stinkin little bugs attacked! I have bites EVERYWHERE! I am not kidding. They bit me through my pants!!! On the good side, I have everything in the ground for this season that I wanted to get in!!! I still have about 4 feet where I can add plants, so I am going to visit the farmer's Market this week.

Template 48:


Download HERE

On a sad note, I don't know what the coming week is going to look like on here. My Great Grandmother was admitted to the hospital today in a semi coma, and it does not look good. It is highly likely that we are going to be very busy with family things by the end of the week. If there is not a post up for a day, please just be patient with me, and I will make sure that there is a template for each day posted at some point.

See you tomorrow!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Template 47

Hey! I have to make this a quick post, as Miss Teeth-Are-Coming-In-So-I-Don't-Want-To-Sleep-A-Wink is on my lap, and grabbing for the keyboard! We had a fun date last night, and so far no sign that I ate anything wrong! Woo hoo!!

Template 47:


This Download Has Expired! Look for it in the store soon!

See You Tomorrow!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Friday!

How are you all? It's been another fun day around here! We had a good rain last night, and the garden looks so happy today! I am soooooo excited, as our green beans(Pole, Blue Lake variety) are creeping up the lines I put on the fence, and are at least 4 feet tall now! It is so much fun to see the leaves creeping up!

Jon and I are going on a date tonight! Sunday is our 6 year anniversary, and we were given Outback giftcards for Christmas. I can eat a steak and fries, so we are going all out tonight!

Here is today's template! This is one from the Scrap Simple set, and can be used for soooo many things! My friend(and CT member) Nancy did an album with it on her blog: The ScrapGoddess

Template #46:


From this set: (click on the photo to go to the store)
Scrap Simple

This download has Expired! It's in the store if you still want it!

See you tomorrow!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Templates 44 and 45!

Here they are! So sorry about yesterday! E has had several times the past couple days where the only thing that keeps her from screaming her head off has been being held or nursing. B/c of my anatomy, when she is nursing, I can't do anything else. We are still not unpacked from last week! I did discover a new bump on her gums yesterday, so I am assuming it is either a growth spurt or her teeth.

The Templates:



This Download Has Expired! Look for it in the store soon!

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

See You tomorrow!

It has been a really rough, tough, teething day here. I'll have two templates for you tomorrow. See Ya then!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Template 43

Hey all! It's been a busy day here! Someone needs to tell Erin that coming home should mean she sleeps better..... I also want to know why we all go on vacation, and then I am apparently the only one who has any idea how to unpack a suitcase.... Anyhow, here's today's template!

Template 43:


This Download has Expired! Look for it in the store soon!

This is part of a set that you will see soon in the store! Be on the lookout!

Also, I am on New York Time. Most of the time, I post the template around our dinnertime. I check on the count through the evening, and if it reaches 100 before I go to bed, I take the link down. If not, I usually leave it up and check in the morning. Some days I can't get to the pc until later. The free downloads are for the first 100 only. In the future, I may leave them up longer, but for the bonanza, it is the first 100. I also usually Twitter when the post goes up, so if you follow me there(ThePaperIris), you can be among the first. For more info, check the sidebar about the bonanza.

See You Tomorrow!

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Addiction

I seriously have a major issue. I have been home not even 48 hours, things are still unpacked, and I can't get out of the garden! I LOVE seeing it all coming up! It is 10:30 at night here, and I am wanting to go plant some more! Last night I could not sleep, and ended up getting back on the pc and ordering MORE seeds. How can I not have asparagus beans in my garden? I just have to have them!!!!! By the end of the season, I am going to have canned veggies for sale in my store if everything grows well! I will post some pics as soon as DH has the yard mowed. It is pretty bad b/c we were gone!

Here is today's template!

Template 42:


This Download has Expired! Look for it in the store soon!

Sunday's Template will be up until sometime Tuesday for those that issues last night. I am really sorry about that!

See you tomorrow!!