Thursday, April 30, 2009

Template Bonanza #10...

...will be up tomorrow. That little cutie in the first couple temps is not such a little cutie today. I'll have both 10 and 11 tomorrow. See ya then!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Template Bonanza #9

It's official! Growing a garden is not for sissies! Being a glutton for punishment, I spent most of the afternoon out building a "trellis"(in quotes b/c I used nylon cord and hooks, not wood), and planting. I am going to feel this tomorrow!!

Here's your next template! So, how many have you gotten? There are a couple downloads left on yesterday's and some of the bonuses left. Take a peek around! Also, tell your friends about the template bonanza!

The Template:

**This download has expired! Look for it in the store soon!

See ya tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Template Bonanza #8

Wow! We are more than a week into this! Yesterday's template still has a couple downloads left, but not many. You can also still qualify for yesterday's bonus too! Not much to report today, as yesterday I spent most of it on the sofa trying not to move! I am off to Lowe's now to pick up some more mulch and stuff for the yard. This will be fun with the two munchkins!!!

I am working on something special for you all, and I need a little help. Can you leave a comment, either on this post or the Cbox, with the words you use for "Mother"? Thanks! Here's your template for today, it's part of an album I am working on, and matches yesterday's temp.


**This download has expired! Look for it in the store soon!!**

Also, if you qualified for yesterday's bonus, I have not emailed it yet. I am waiting until everyone qualifies.

PS:Don't forget about the first bonus, it's still available!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Template Bonanza #7!

Whew. I am officially out of shape! Last summer, My husband built us a beautiful fence around the back yard. I have wanted to go all out on gardening, but have waited to get the fence up. Well, yesterday, I worked for about 5 hours in the yard, and have two of the beds ready! The downside is, this is the most physical work I have done since Erin's (home)birth in November, and that was after a rough pregnancy where making it through the day was an accomplishment! It's sad when even your fingers are sore!!!

Here is your template of the day!


**This Download has expired!!! Look for it in the store soon!**

Bonus Alert! The first 15 comments with contact info recieve an additional matching template!!!

(Digifree visitors, there is much more to see, take a look around!!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Template Bonanza #6!

Happy Sunday, Digiland! I have another template for you! So, how many TPI templates have you scrapped so far? I have received one submission for the gallery, so get scrapping people! I want to see what you can do with what I have given you, and then show it off to give y'all some more ideas(yep, "Y'all" has shown up on my blog. Did you miss the part about me being from the south? :))! Let's make this fun for all of us!

Did you visit my ad? (If you don't know what I am talking about, go back to yesterday's post) Make sure you bookmark it if you did, as I have some cool stuff coming down the pipeline and about to be posted in the store! Also, speaking of stores, I am now selling at!!!!!! I love this site, as I love to sew as well as scrap(and scrap pictures of my sewing....), and they have AWESOME tutorials! If you check it out, especially look up Aivilo Charlotte's Designs, she's a friend of mine!!

Here's Today's Template:


**This Download Has Expired, be on the lookout for it in the store!**
For downloads, unless there are more issues, I am going to stick with I keep having issues uploading to MediaFire, and am ready to be done with it. If you have any issues downloading the templates, please email me(thepaperiris*at*gmail*dot*com)!

In other, non scrap related news, today marks 4 months of living dairy and soy free for me!!! DD2(the cutie in previous posts, I'll get DD1 in some layouts soon!!) is MSPI, so to continues to nurse her, I had to go off dairy and soy. She is getting better with dairy, although she's still pretty sensitive to soy. This has been a big challenge for me, so I have to celebrate making it this far somewhere!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Template Bonanza #5

Here's #5 for you! This is the second and last freebie from the Swirls and Twirls album(to be posted soon)! Get it free while you can!

If you are arriving from Digifree, Click on the header above, as there is a lot more to see! Don't miss the Bonanza Bonus too!


***This Download Has Expired, Be on the lookout for it in the store!!***

BTW, Check this out: My New Ad! You are going to want to see it, I promise!!

So, download the file, leave a little love, and check out a really cool link, Sound like a plan?

That's all folks, See you tomorrow!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Template Bonanza Bonus!!!!

Did I forget to tell you about the Template Bonanza Bonuses? OOPS! From time to time over the next couple months while I'm holding the Template Bonanza, I will have bonuses that you can earn. The prizes will be limited to just a few winners, so pay attention!!! Here's the first challenge:

Do you want to tell your readers about the Template Bonanza? Here's your chance to win something for doing so! The first 25 bloggers to post about The Paper Iris's Template Bonanza on their blog will win this template set:


Here are the rules:
1. Post about the Template Bonanza on your blog. You are free to copy and paste any of the TEMPLATE photos from here to post on your blog. (This is only for those posting and linking to The Paper Iris. You can't just copy my pics and post them anywhere.)

2. Email me (thepaperiris *at* gmail *dot* com) with the link to your blog post.

3. I will email the first 25 back with the link to the download.

It's that simple!!!

By the way, this set will only be available after the Template Bonanza as a part of an album. Grab it free while you can!!!

Template Bonanza #4!

Here you go! This is one from the Butterfly Trails set, so grab it while you can!

I am aware that MediaFire is having some issues. I am going to post the link to download from both MF and for the next couple days. If you can not get the file to download, please feel free to email me (thepaperiris *at* gmail *dot* com) and I will be happy to send you the file. You can also leave a comment in the Cbox to let me know of any problems. Thanks!

Here's today's template:


My cutie again:
(Kit by Kim Higueria - Sweet Belle)

***This Download Has Expired, Be on the lookout for it in the store!!***

BTW, if you are arriving from Digifree, there's much more to see! Click Here!

See ya tomorrow!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Charles Manson, Scrapbooking, and Template Bonanza #3

I'll bet you never thought you would see those phrases together! This is the story about how I have now learned to Google the title of every single thing I put on this blog.


You see, I want to make template albums. I want to make scrapbooking easy for everyone who happens by my little portion of this world wide web. I also want to give those albums names that will catch your eye, and reflect what the album is about. What I don't want to do is to give them names that will make you instantly think of bad things, but apparently I did so without even realizing it.

My mom came over today to hang out with the munchkins, and I wanted to show her my blog. (I am a wee bit proud of it... :) ) We were going through everything, and she asked me why I named the album in my store "Helter Skelter." I told her why, as it was the first thing that came to mind after I finished the first template. I'm from the south. My entire life, if something was crooked, it was "all helter skelter." I don't follow serial killers, read their books, or even watch the detective shows on tv. I did for a little while as a teen, but the imagination is too active, and I can't sleep if I do. That being the case, I had no idea that "Helter Skelter" had anything to do with Charles Manson. That was "before my time." Oh well, I have to look on the bright side, now at least you 'll remember this blog!!! (By the way, you can find the album in my store. The link is in the right sidebar at the top.)

Alright, back to our regularly scheduled (and innocently named) template bonanza!

Freebie Template #3


Credits: Papers and Elements(Kay Miller Designs)

***This Download Has Expired, Watch the Store for This Set!***

While you're here, take a look around! There is a Cbox to the left, a CT call to the right, and lots of other goodies and info. I would love to get to know all of you in Digiland! I love the little Feedjit thingamabob in the right sidebar. It amazes me how many people from different locations have already stopped by. There have been scrappers from as far away as Australia, to as close as Concord, NC where I grew up! SOOOO cool!

BTW, if you are arriving from Digifree, there's much more to see! Click Here!

I'll see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Freebie Template Bonanza #2

Hello Everyone! Here's the second template in our freebie bonanaza! This is another clean, simple template for you. I made this one with telling the story of an event in mind. Would you like to show off your Freebie Bonanza layouts? See the sidebar for more info! Happy Scrapping!!!


**This Download Has Expired! BOLO for it in the store!**

If the MediaFire link does not work, try here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Freebie Template Bonanaza #1

For more info on the Freebie Template Bonanze, see below!

Here's the first freebie template! Remember, only the first 100 to download it, get it! I have started with a fairly simple double pager to get things going. If you want to learn how to use a Photoshop template, there is a link to a tutorial in the sidebar.

(Isn't she cute? This is Erin, my youngest cutie pie!)

Download HERE

Credits: Striped Paper and Elements(Nana's Attic, Bold and Fun Kit)
Photos: Lesli Gibbs


I'm back!!! After a year long hiatus, THE PAPER IRIS is back and busy!! To kick off my return to the digi-world, I am going to start an unprecedented(at least to my knowledge) template GIVEAWAY!!!! That's right, FREE STUFF COMING RIGHT UP!!!

Here are the details:

I will post a new double page template for download daily for the next 75 days!!!!

After the first 100 downloads, the template link will be pulled, and that template will then be posted for sale at a later date as a part of a set.

This template bonanza will end on July 4th with a USA themed album template set for download(It will be something both US scrappers and international scrappers can use!).

So, take a look around, get comfy here, and I'll see you tomorrow!!!