Friday, April 24, 2009

Template Bonanza Bonus!!!!

Did I forget to tell you about the Template Bonanza Bonuses? OOPS! From time to time over the next couple months while I'm holding the Template Bonanza, I will have bonuses that you can earn. The prizes will be limited to just a few winners, so pay attention!!! Here's the first challenge:

Do you want to tell your readers about the Template Bonanza? Here's your chance to win something for doing so! The first 25 bloggers to post about The Paper Iris's Template Bonanza on their blog will win this template set:


Here are the rules:
1. Post about the Template Bonanza on your blog. You are free to copy and paste any of the TEMPLATE photos from here to post on your blog. (This is only for those posting and linking to The Paper Iris. You can't just copy my pics and post them anywhere.)

2. Email me (thepaperiris *at* gmail *dot* com) with the link to your blog post.

3. I will email the first 25 back with the link to the download.

It's that simple!!!

By the way, this set will only be available after the Template Bonanza as a part of an album. Grab it free while you can!!!

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