Thursday, April 23, 2009

Charles Manson, Scrapbooking, and Template Bonanza #3

I'll bet you never thought you would see those phrases together! This is the story about how I have now learned to Google the title of every single thing I put on this blog.


You see, I want to make template albums. I want to make scrapbooking easy for everyone who happens by my little portion of this world wide web. I also want to give those albums names that will catch your eye, and reflect what the album is about. What I don't want to do is to give them names that will make you instantly think of bad things, but apparently I did so without even realizing it.

My mom came over today to hang out with the munchkins, and I wanted to show her my blog. (I am a wee bit proud of it... :) ) We were going through everything, and she asked me why I named the album in my store "Helter Skelter." I told her why, as it was the first thing that came to mind after I finished the first template. I'm from the south. My entire life, if something was crooked, it was "all helter skelter." I don't follow serial killers, read their books, or even watch the detective shows on tv. I did for a little while as a teen, but the imagination is too active, and I can't sleep if I do. That being the case, I had no idea that "Helter Skelter" had anything to do with Charles Manson. That was "before my time." Oh well, I have to look on the bright side, now at least you 'll remember this blog!!! (By the way, you can find the album in my store. The link is in the right sidebar at the top.)

Alright, back to our regularly scheduled (and innocently named) template bonanza!

Freebie Template #3


Credits: Papers and Elements(Kay Miller Designs)

***This Download Has Expired, Watch the Store for This Set!***

While you're here, take a look around! There is a Cbox to the left, a CT call to the right, and lots of other goodies and info. I would love to get to know all of you in Digiland! I love the little Feedjit thingamabob in the right sidebar. It amazes me how many people from different locations have already stopped by. There have been scrappers from as far away as Australia, to as close as Concord, NC where I grew up! SOOOO cool!

BTW, if you are arriving from Digifree, there's much more to see! Click Here!

I'll see you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 23 Apr [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 24 Apr [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

sdwrdt said...

I really wanted to download your template, but mediafire is not showing the files. When it does connect, it goes to registration area.

sdwrdt said...

Sorry about complaining! It worked as soon as I got done (even though I tried 3 times beforehand)

Anonymous said...

I spent time around Charles Manson about ten years ago (long story)...anyway, that is one scary dude and I had nightmares!

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