Monday, May 4, 2009

Template #14 and an Announcement!

Hi digiworld! Did everyone have a wonderful weekend? We did here, although, I do believe this garden is going to be the death of me between the physical work and my allergies!! My wonderful hubby spent several hours yesterday tilling up the grass he has spent several years trying to grow, without any complaining! We now have gardening beds almost all the way around the perimeter of our fence. I am going to post pics soon, but want to post more than just dirt and the fence! I got the sunflowers, corn, sugar snap peas, and some onions in last night, and am literally praying that they will grow! I have more to get out this afternoon, but am battling a sinus headache, so it may not happen today.

How about an announcement? Look what's going on this week!


This is the week before Mother's Day here in the US, and I want to celebrate and honor moms this week. I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that most of you who venture the direction of this blog are at some stage of mothering(Dont' Miss the poll to the left!), whether you are trying to become a mom or you are into the grandparent stages. This journey of motherhood has been the hardest, most wonderful journey I have ever been on, with much more to come. I have been in childcare and education(babysitting/nanny/teaching) for the past 15 years, and there is nothing that could have prepared me for the love and challenge of mothering these two little girls. Now, I want to hear your story!

I want to you to tell me what mothering has taught you. If you are not a mom (don't want kids, in the process of trying, dealing with infertility, just not where you are in life yet), tell me about your mom, and what watching her has taught you. If Mother's Day is painful for you, please, don't feel like you can't contribute. You are welcome to tell your story as well. You can either leave a comment on this post with your email, or you can email me your response (thepaperiris*at*gmail*dot*com), and you will receive a 35% off coupon for any item in the store this week.

If you spend any time around this blog, you are going to discover that parenting is a BIG DEAL for me. In the next few years, I am going to be completing the training to become a parenting coach, so I can help parents 1)get a solid start and 2)solve issues as they arise. I believe that we have a generation of parents who simply don't understand how great their influence is on the next generation, and I want to change that. (Stepping off the soapbox now..... :) )

Tomorrow, I'll have a trivia scavenger hunt, all about motherhood!

Now, on to the freebie you know is here somewhere!

Today's Freebie Bonanza is from the Blocky template set I just put in the store yesterday!


The Freebie:


This Download has expired! Look for it in the store!

Yesterday's Template is still up, and will be until I post tomorrow's. I am so sorry about the mix up!

I also have the first six templates from the Bonanza that are not a part of a set in the store!


If you don't see one you liked, it is going to be part of a set, and will be in the store soon, so keep an eye out! I would love to post it all at once, but that mothering thing only leaves so much time for playing on the pc!

I hope you enjoy the template, and I look forward to reading your stories! See ya tomorrow!


Limequilla at said...

I'm so dumb! I wondered why I only had a few characters to write about things I learned from motherhood LOL! (I wrote it in the Cbox)

Thanks for the templates -- you are truly gifted.

One more thing about mothering - it really *does* take a village to raise a child, so it's important to get that village in place while the kids are small. In lieu of a village of people and places you arrange ahead of time, a vacuum will exist and be filled with who knows what. and whom. It doesn't mean the doors are closed to new people; rather your village is open to anyone who has the same basic life-views. The morals and character traits you would like your children to have as adults.

Shelbi said...

I love your templates TFS!!

belle said...

Thanks for the great template!

Sue said...

Thank you very much for the wonderful template! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 04 May [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 05 May [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

sdwrdt said...

Thanks for another AWESOME template!

One thing I've recently learned about being a mother: what my kids say have a profound effect on me. They can bring me the biggest boost (both my daughters within the past week have told me that they were parented well) and cause the greatest pain (both my teenage daughters and I had a few days of fighting - yeah for hormones!)