Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Template #15 and Trivia

Howdy! They say that to make something a habit, you have to do it everyday for about two weeks. Is checking this blog a habit for you yet? I know I am already addicted to posting!!

I have a little trivia game for you today! It's just 5 easy(Google anyone?) questions long, and if you complete it and email me the answers(thepaperiris*at*gmail*dot*com), I have a coupon for you!!! It's a pretty good one too, at 45% off everything in my store for the rest of the Template Bonanza!!!

1. When was Mother's Day made a national holiday in the US?
2. Which president signed the bill?
3. Name three countries that celebrate Mother's Day the second Sunday in May.
4. What was the largest number of children born to one mother?
5. Who was the 2008 US National Mother of the Year?

Here's today's template:


This Download has expired! Look for it in the store soon!

Now, anyone know how to get a 5 month old to take a long enough nap for mommy to post?

See Ya Tomorrow!


Abby said...

Thank you for the freebie!

Leah Rosenbaum said...

when you figure out the nap thing, let me know. my 5 month old doesn't believe in naps.

Thanks for the template

Jody said...

Missed the template and it is still May 5th. I visited this morning and it wasn't posted then. Are they only available for a few hours?

Lesli said...

Hi Jody! I am sorry you missed the template today! It is available for only the first 100 downloads, and then the link is pulled. This one went REALLY fast today! Here's some more info: http://thepaperiris.blogspot.com/2009/04/kickoff.html

If you want, you can follow me on Twitter. I post there when I put a new template up, and you can get it quickly. In the meantime, you can do the trivia quiz, and I'll send you a 45% off coupon for the store for the rest of the Template Bonanza, so you can get this one when I post it in the store. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

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